Matthew Gougherty

Visiting Assistant Professor of Sociology

Maxey Hall 340

Matt received his graduate degrees in Sociology from Indiana University-Bloomington. His teaching and research interests are at the intersections of organizations, professions, culture, social psychology, qualitative methods, and theory. At Whitman College he will be teaching Social Problems, Social Psychology, and Sociology of Everyday Life. He has developed three lines of research examining culture and interaction in three social arenas: professional education, inequality in interactions and organizations, and cultural objects and their consumption. The first line of research explores how public affairs students, teachers, and administrators construct professionalism. The data for this line of research draws from a two-year ethnographic project of a Masters of Public Affairs program and over 150 interviews with students and faculty. A recent co-authored piece based on the theoretical framework of the project was published in a volume on the new sociology of education. His second line of work develops and expands existing theoretical frameworks within organizational sociology and symbolic interactionism. Specifically, he has published on the influence of Bourdieu in organizational sociology and radical interactionism. His third line of work explores depictions of race, class, and gender in various cultural objects, including introductory sociology textbooks and etiquette books. Originally from Michigan, Matt also spent time growing up in Mexico and Germany. In his free time he enjoys listening to obscure music, volunteering, hiking, and fermenting and pickling random food.