Assistant Professor of Sociology

John Leverso is an assistant professor of sociology at Whitman College. He received his doctorate from the University of Washington in 2020. As a sociologist/criminologist he specializes in crime, law, deviance and gender. At Whitman College, Leverso teaches courses related to gangs, criminology, and quantitative methods.

Leverso’s research combines sociological and criminological perspectives to investigate street gang culture. Using quantitative and qualitative methods of scientific inquiry, Leverso has proposed theoretical frameworks for enduring gang membership and gang member masculinity reformation. Leverso’s current research agenda includes four areas related to contemporary street gangs 1) gangs in online settings, 2) interaction rituals, solidarity and hyper-surveillance, 3) gangs in the life course, and 4) the geographical correlates of street gangs. Leverso has published articles in the Journal of Quantitative Criminology, the Journal of Adolescence, and the International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology.

Leverso is a native of Chicago, Illinois. He is an avid runner and participates in 5K charity events when he isn’t too busy teaching or working on his research projects.