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Office: Maxey Hall 346

Curriculum Vitæ

I became passionate about psychology while a student at Wellesley College, which is a small liberal arts college much like Whitman. I did not think I wanted to be a psychologist, though, and so I signed on with Teach for America after graduating. I taught for two years in the DC Public Schools, in a 4th grade classroom at Webb Elementary. That experience reignited my interest in research and the role of psychology in understanding children’s and adolescents’ development. So, I went off to Austin to study educational and developmental psychology at the University of Texas.

In my research, I'm interested in answering three broad questions: (1) How do children and adolescents form their views of race and gender?, (2) What are the consequences of children's and adolescents' views of race and gender?, and (3) What is the impact of experiences with racial and gender diversity of academic and socio-emotional outcomes? In my teaching, I'm interested in working with students to explore key concepts related to development, social environments, and research.

My husband, Derek, and I have two children, Evie and Calla, and a big crazy dog, Harvey. We love exploring new things together as a family, with a particular focus on new places and new foods.