• Moira Gresham

    Moira Gresham

    Associate Professor

    Particle Physics and Cosmology Theory

  • Craig Gunsul

    Craig Gunsul

    Professor Emeritus


  • Kurt Hoffman

    Kurt Hoffman

    Professor of Physics

    Room 248 Hall of Science
  • Doug Juers

    Doug Juers

    Professor & Carl E. Peterson Chair of Science

    Research Interests: Structural biology & biophysics
    Courses: Biophysics, Soft Condensed Matter, BBMB Seminar

  • Fred Moore

    Fred Moore


    Liquid Surface Spectroscopy

  • Barbara Sanborn

    Barbara Sanborn

    Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics

    Room 262, Hall of Science
  • Alazar Yehdego

    Alazar Yehdego

    Physics Technician

  • Mark Zajac

    Mark Zajac

    Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics

    Room 250, Hall of Science