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Introductory Physics Lab

In the Physics department at Whitman College, we encourage our students not only to gain knowledge and experience in the field, but to think creatively and forge their own paths in the scientific community. Beginning with your first Physics course your understanding of physical concepts will be challenged through hands-on experimental observation and active classroom discussions. The rigor and breadth of the program will superbly equip any physics or combined physics major at Whitman with a sound base for graduate work in physics, astronomy, applied mathematics, geology and many fields of engineering.

Adlab vibration sensorMore generally, our graduates are well positioned to explore a broad range of careers that utilize their problem solving skills, mathematical competencies, and their experience conceiving, implementing and analyzing experimental explorations of  physical systems. Student routinely pursue careers in teaching, technical disciplines ranging from software development to electronics design, and professional careers ranging from medicine to law.

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