J.J. Gregg

Studio Music Instructor (Sitar)

Hall of Music 5

J.J. Gregg is a classically trained sitar player and educator.

J.J. Gregg began his musical training on the piano at the age of eight, followed by playing the French horn and piano in school jazz bands and orchestras, and years of writing and performing with his experimental rock band. In 2000 J.J. moved to Pune, India on a study abroad program and met internationally renowned sitar player Ustad Usman Khan. For the past fifteen years J.J. has studied sitar under Khan at Naad Mandir. He has traveled back to Pune six more times, most recently spending a year in India during 2012-2013.

An avid educator, J.J. has taught middle school mathematics, run an elementary-age after school program for several years, and taught remedial math to adults. He now focuses primarily on teaching and performing with the sitar and increasing productivity through organic methods in his garlic patch.

J.J. Gregg has performed on the sitar in the US, India, and Thailand.  J.J. has taught private sitar lessons for the past 10 years and currently teaches sitar in the music department at Whitman College.  In addition to his years of study at Naad Mandir, J.J.Gregg holds a BA in Mathematical Economics from Colorado College and a Masters of Education from University of Illinois at Chicago.  More of his music can be heard at https://soundcloud.com/jjgregg.