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  • TITLE: Cellular Automata and Applications
    AUTHOR: Gavin Andrews
    ABSTRACT: This paper is a study of cellular automata as computational programs and their remarkable ability to create complex behavior from simple rules. We examine a number of these simple programs in order to draw conclusions about the nature of complexity seen in the world and discuss the potential of using such programs for the purposes of modeling. The information presented within is in large part the work of mathematician Stephen Wolfram, as presented in his book A New Kind of Science.
    ADVISOR: Albert Schueller

  • TITLE: A Review of Properties and Variations of Voronoi Diagrams
    AUTHOR: Adam Dobrin
    ABSTRACT: This paper is a review of Voronoi diagrams, Delaunay triangulations, and many properties of specialized Voronoi diagrams. We will also look at various algorithms for computing these diagrams. The majority of the material covered is based on research compiled by Atsuyuki Okabe in Spatial Tessellations: Concepts and Applications of Voronoi Diagrams. However, there will also be references to research and results presented in many papers.
    ADVISOR: Albert Schueller

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