• Barry Balof

    Barry Balof

    Professor of Mathematics

    Olin 220

    Research Interests: Combinatorics, Graph Theory, Mathematical Psychology

  • Russ Gordon

    Russ Gordon

    Professor of Mathematics

    Olin 221

    Research Interests: Real Analysis

  • David Guichard

    David Guichard

    Professor of Mathematics and Department Chair 2021-22

    Olin 218

    Research Interests: Combinatorics and Graph Theory

  • Douglas Hundley

    Douglas Hundley

    Associate Professor of Mathematics

    Olin 222

    Research Interests: Low Dimensional Representations, Dynamical Systems, Machine Learning

  • Pat Keef

    Pat Keef

    William K. and Diana R. Deshler Chair of Mathematics

    Olin 212

    Research Interests: Group Theory

  • Marina Ptukhina

    Marina Ptukhina

    Assistant Professor of Statistics

    Olin 219

    Research Interests: Statistical Methods for Shelf Life Determination, including but not limited to Bayesian Analysis.

  • Albert Schueller

    Albert Schueller

    Mina Schwabacher Professor of Mathematics

    Research Interests: Centroidal Voronoi Tessellations, Mathematics demonstrations in Java, Parallel computation, Inverse eigenvalue problems.

Retired, Emeritus, or Former Faculty

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