Data Science

Offered in conjunction with the Department of Computer Science, our data science minor is designed to provide students with a broad understanding of what this emerging field has to offer. As a discipline, data science sits at the intersection of mathematics, statistics and computer science. Data science has applications in science, industry, social sciences, humanities and the arts. Data science fits well within the liberal arts and, when brought to bear by folks with interdisciplinary training, has the potential to uncover profound insights. At the same time, when applied without consideration of bias or unintended consequences, data science can be dangerous.

Minor Requirements:

  • 19 Credits
  • Required Courses
    • Computer Science 167 (Introduction to Computational Problem Solving)
    • Math/CS 215 (Introduction to Data Science)
    • Mathematics 240 (Linear Algebra) and 247 (Statistics with Applications)
  • Other minor requirements
    • Two other courses from the following
      • Mathematics 248 (Statistical Modeling), 339 (Operations Research), 347 (Design Analysis of Research Studies), 349 (Probability Theory), 350 (Mathematical Modeling and Numerical Methods); Geology 418(Introduction to Geographic Information Systems)