Alex Bailey: Interpreting Past Climate from Geochemical Characterization of Paleosol Sequences in the Palouse Hills  

Shannon Blair: Unearthing the origins of the Powder River Volcanic Field, Oregon

Grayson Carlile: Advance and retreat of Grinnell Glacier during the last glacial maximum, younger dryas, and early holocene as recorded in Lake Josephine sediments, Glacier National Park, Montana

Lydia Loopesko: Archaeological site stratigraphy as a record of human resilience in the Islands of Four Mountains, Alaska

Chelan Pauly - Biofilm formation on plastic marine debris

Emily Tinkler - Microscopic structure of ancient soils in the Palous Hills of Southeastern Washington 


Craig Barstow: Determining Central Washington paleoclimate using Blancan Carnivora

Aaron Cohen: Trace element compositions in olivine crystals of the Power River Volcanic Group

Silene DeCiucies: Methods of clay mineral analysis using the Agilent Xcalibur Nova X-ray diffractometer

Kate Elkind: Investigating eruption triggers of an Aleutian Island volcano

Chase Martin: Reactive transport modeling of pedogenic carbonate deposition in the rhizosphere

Claire Martini: Coastal uplift and associated mortality of intertidal organisms from a 7.6 Mw earthquake, Nicoya Penninsula, Costa Rica

Kira Murray: Fine scale structure and micromorphology of the Cricket Flat Paleosol, Elgin, Oregon

Kerry Streiff: A bio-geological approach to understanding dolomite formation at Deep Springs Lake, California: mediated precipitation explored through carbon and oxygen isotopes

Hannah Wilson: Pliocene camelids Megatylopus and Hemiauchenia in the Ringold Formation, Eastern Washington: Paleoclimate, morphology and evolution


Will Bender: Characterizing unstudied granitoids from the Snake Range, NV

Katie Chapman: Textural and chemical analyses of linear and exogenic fulgurites

Misha Evertz: Volcanic Sediments of Lookingglass Creek

Matthew Morriss: Paleoclimatic implications of glacial sequences in Mongolia

Anna Murveit: If you can see time: a geological, historical and personal journey through deep time

Annette Patton: Environmental controls on bioavailable manganese concentrations in soils of the Boulder Creek Watershed, Colorado

Cassandra Smith: Pyroxene chain development in experimental lava flows

Adele Thornton: Water, carbon dioxide, sulfur and chlorine: Controls on the crystallization and properties of magma beneath volcanoes

John Whiting: Ice marginal and proglacial fluvial characteristics of a high-artic glacier, Linnebreen, Svalbard


Krista Garrett: Nutrient fluxes of a restored salt pond in San Francisco Bay

Matthew Hanson: Archaen basement in Yellowstone National Park: Implications for early Earth history

Emily Johnson: Origin of Eocene Granitoids in Prince William Sound, Alaska

Zach Schierl: Origin of sinuous channels on the southwest rift apron of Ascraeus Mons and the surrounding plains, Tharsis, Mars


Karen Gastineau: Sedimentology and Age Constraints of Pleistocene Outburst Flood-Related Deposits in the Palouse Hills, Southeast Washington

Isabel Hong: Paleosol Analysis of Columbia River Basalt Soils

Liesl Olson: Geographical and Geomorphological Effects on Air Temperatures in the Columbia Basin's signature Vineyards

Simon Pendleton: The Glaciofluvial Environment of Linnébreen, Spitsbergen, Svalbard

Erica Pitcavage: Variations in soil chemistry of premier vineyards of the Columbia Basin, Washington: implications for terroir

Elizabeth Phillips: Stream erosion and beach deposition during the December 2007 storm, Hood Canal, Washington 


Kira Badyrka: Palenontologic and Sr Isotopic Age Analysis of Waccamaw Formation, Waccamaw River and Intracoastal Waterway, Horry County, South Carolina

Emily Baker: Development of a Local Meteoric Water line for Areas near the Teton Crest in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Theo Barnhart: Glaciomarine Sediment Flux and Transportation Mechanisms, Kronebreen/Kongsvegan, Kongsfjorden, Svalbard

Ian Delaney: New Chronologic and Geomorphic Anaalyses of Debris Flows on Mount Rainier, Washington

Liz Forbes: Establishing Paleoclimate Variation From Major and Trace Elements and Stable Isotopes in a Tufa Deposit, Wisconsin

Sara McCune: Improving Forest Road Management: An Analysis of Factors Influencing Road-to-Stream Connectivity In the Wall Creek Watershed, Umatilla National Forest, Oregon

Courtney Porter: Secondary Mineralization in Flow-Tops of Columbia River Basalts: Implications for the Sequestration of Anthropogenic Carbon

Clare Tochilin: Paleomagnetic Evidence and Implications for Structural Block Rotation

Liz Townsend: Stream Restoration in Northeastern Oregon Through Beaver Reintroduction


Kelly Dundon: Glaciation of Rhyolite Valley, Hoh Serh Range, Mongolian Altai

Chelsea Durfey: Movement and tectonic geomorphology along the Hoh Serh Fault, Mongolian Altai

Ryan Leary: Glaciation of debris flow and lake valleys, Hoh Serh Range, Mongolian Altai

Gia Matzinger: Glaciation of Yamaat Valley, Hoh Serh Range, Mongolian Altai

Andrea Seymour: Ice Lake Valley Glaciation, HÖH SERH Range, Mongolian Altai


Tamara Carley: Mineralogical variation in paleoflood deposits in the Walla Walla Valley, Washington: A case study for the development of Portable X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometry (PXRF)

Kat Compton: Strain Analysis and Integration: Quantifying the Deformation of the Laghettie Area, Maggia Nappe, Switzerland

William Davidson: The Effects of Vegetation Removal by Clear Cutting on Temperature at the Saddle Mountain SNOTEL Site, Oregon Coast Range

Kate Farrington: Pre-Late Wisconsin Outburst Floods and Their Pathways

Gwen Leslie: Natural History of Juniper Canyon, Oregon

Kate Logan: Quiet Water and Great Floods: A Story of the Steamboat Rock Silt, Grand Coulee, WA

Season Martin: Tracing Terroir: Soil Mineralogic Effects on Vitis vinifera, Walla Walla, WA

Johannah Withrow-Robinson: Erosion of Reservoir Sediment Following the Removal of the Marmot Dam, Sandy River, Oregon

Ryuhei Yokokawa: Spectrometry, Minerals, and Mars: Development of a Lab


Brian Coggan: Glaciation of the Davaatin Area in the Hangay Mountains, Central Mongolia

Greg Dering: Geomorphic Controls on temperature variation in the Walla Walla Valley American Viticultural Area

Matt Jenkins: Geologic Setting and Vulnerability of Pacific Northwest Communities to Tsunami-Induced Contamination of Water Resources

Ben Schupack: 

1) Mechanisms and Process of Suspended Sediment Transport and Deposition in High Arctic Proglacial Lake Linnévatnet, Svalbard, Norway

2) Lava or Ice? Field Studies of Terrestrial Volcanic Analogs for Platy Flows on Mars

Emily Seider: The Significance of Sulfates and Sulfides in Silurian Bentonites at Arisaig, Nova Scotia

Laurel Stratton: Holocene Vegetation and Climate Changes in the Hangay Mountains, Central Mongolia

Taylor Johnson: Geochemical sourcing of obsidian Adak Island, AK: Implications for Prehistoric Unangan resource acquisition

Juliana Williams: Paleoseismic Analysis of the Egiin Davaa Fault, Hangay Mountains, Mongolia