Tim Parker

Associate Professor of Biology

Hall of Science 210

B.A. Clark University, International Development, 1992
M.S. Kansas State University, Biology, 1997
Ph.D. University of New Mexico, Biology, 2002

Recent Publications:

Fraser, H., T. H. Parker, S. Nakagawa, A. Barnett, F. Fidler. 2018. Questionable research practices in ecology and evolution. PLOS ONE 13(7): e0200303.

Parker, T.H., E. I. Greig, S. Nakagawa, M. Parra, A. C. Dalisio. 2018. Subspecies status and methods explain strength of response to local versus foreign song by oscine birds in meta-analysis. Animal Behaviour. 142: 1-17.

Parker, T.H.,S. Griffith, J. Bronstein, F. Fidler, S. Foster, H. Fraser, W. Forstmeier, J. Gurevitch, J. Koricheva, R. Seppelt, M. Tingley, S. Nakagawa. 2018. Empowering peer reviewers with a checklist to improve transparency. Nature Ecology & Evolution. 2: 929-935.

Forstmeier, W, E.-J. Wagonmakers,T. H. Parker. 2017. Detecting and avoiding likely false-positive findings - a practical guide. Biological Reviews. 92:1941-1968.

Parker, T. H., W. Forstmeier, J. Koricheva, F. Fidler, J. D. Hadfield, Y. E. Chee, C. D. Kelly, J, Gurevitch, S. Nakagawa. 2016. Transparency in ecology and evolution: real problems, real solutions. Trends in Ecology and Evolution. 31: 711-719.

Rodriguez, S., P. Kennedy, and T. H. Parker. 2016. Timber harvest and tree size explains site occupancy but not productivity in northern goshawks (Accipiter gentilis). Forest Ecology and Management. 374: 220-229.

Nakagawa, S. and T. H. Parker. 2015. Replicating research in ecology and evolution: feasibility, incentives, and the cost-benefit conundrum. BMC Biology. 13:88.