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Classics & Classical Studies

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Classics is the study of Greek and Roman antiquity through the ancient languages, literatures, histories, arts, cultures, and thought of those periods. Many peoples around and beyond the Mediterranean basin contributed to these cultures, and the lasting impact of Ancient Greek and Roman cultures has similarly been felt by other cultures around the world. The major programs in classics and classical studies draw on the offerings of the departments of classics, history, philosophy, politics, and rhetoric.

The Classics and Classical Studies Majors

The Classics Major emphasizes the study of both classical languages, requiring at least three years of one language and two of the other, supported by additional coursework in ancient civilization and history. The Classics Major requires a senior thesis which includes working with ancient texts in their original languages.

The Classical Studies Major requires the study of one classical language to the advanced level, supported by comprehensive coursework in ancient civilization and history. The Classical Studies Major does not include a senior thesis; the comprehensive examination in Classical Studies emphasizes a breadth of understanding of the ancient world, with special emphasis upon the relations between the ancient Greek and Roman cultures. 

The Classical Studies Minor

The Classical Studies Minor recognizes the focused work of students in Classics and Classical Studies who choose not to complete one of the major programs. The Classical Studies Minor may include study of language, civilization, or both.

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