photo of Doug Juers

Douglas H. Juers
BBMB Department Chair and Professor, BBMB & Physics 

Hall of Science 244
Teaching/Research areas: Biophysics / X-ray crystallography to probe enzyme mechanisms and ligand binding / cryo-cooling of macromolecular crystals.

Ryan Arvidson
Visiting Assistant Professor, Biology and BBMB

Britney Moss
Professor, BBMB and Biology

Hall of Science 301

Teaching/Research areas:  Biochemistry and Molecular Biology / Synthetic cell biology / Cell signaling

james russo

James E. Russo
Professor, BBMB 

Hall of Science 336
Teaching/Research areas:  Biochemistry / Pharmacology and Anti-cancer Drug Design / Biochemical nutrition and Public Health / Infectious Diseases

michelle shafer Michelle Shafer
Laboratory & Imaging Coordinator 

Hall of Science 324
(509) 526-4798

Daniel M. Vernon   t
Professor, BBMB & Biology

Hall of Science 311
Teaching/Research areas:  Molecular Biology / Genetics / Genomics / Plant Developmental Genetics & Functional Genomics

Other faculty serving as academic and senior research advisers

Arielle CooleyArielle Cooley, Biology      
Teaching/Research areas: Evolutionary Developmental Biology, Plant Physiology, Genetics


Kendra GoldenKendra Golden, Biology      
Teaching/Research areas: Microbiology; Cell Biology; Nutrition


Marion GotzMarion Gotz, Chemistry            
Teaching/Research areas: Organic chemistry; Bioorganic synthesis and drug design


Delbert Hutchison Delbert Hutchison, Biology          
Teaching/Research areas: Genetics; Evolutionary biology 


Leena Knight Leena Knight, Biology            
Teaching/Research areas:  Cell signaling & communication; Insuling signaling in epilepsy


Tom Knight Tom Knight, Biology              
Teaching/Research areas: Behavioral physiology


125 Tim Machonkin, Chemistry     
Teaching/Research areas:  Inorganic chemistry; Metalloenzymes


Dahlia Rokhsana Dahlia Rokhsana, Chemistry     
Teaching/Research areas:  Computational and Bioinorganic Chemistry


Chris Wallace Chris Wallace, Biology           
Teaching/Research areas:  Neurobiology


Ginger WithersGinger Withers, Biology          
Teaching/Research areas: Neurobiology


Paul Yancey Paul Yancey, Biology             
Teaching/Research areas: Marine physiology