• Andrea K. Dobson

    Andrea K. Dobson

    Associate Professor of Astronomy and General Studies and Astronomy Department Chair

    Hall of Science 364

    Associate Professor of Astronomy Andrea Dobson teaches a broad range of astronomy courses. Her interests include solar-type stars, the history of cosmology, gender & science and public outreach. Dobson values the perspective we gain from seeing the ancient light of other galaxies and the opportunity to teach at an institution that can change the lives of those that can change the world for the better. 

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  • Nathaniel Paust

    Nathaniel Paust

    Associate Professor of Astronomy

    Hall of Science 372

    Associate Professor of Astronomy Nathaniel Paust strives to connect complex astronomical processes with Earth experiences to help students understand astronomy and the consequences the planet faces from rising carbon dioxide levels and the evolving sun. His courses focus on experiments and observations. His interests include globular clusters, the dynamic evolution of stellar populations and obersvational astronomy.

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