Portrait of Suzanne Morrissey

Associate Professor of Anthropology (Ph.D. Syracuse University 2006)

Suzanne Morrissey is a medical anthropologist eager to hear people’s stories of health and healing in pursuit of solutions to injustices and inequalities. Suzanne has a PhD in Anthropology and graduate certificate in Women's Studies from Syracuse University and has been on faculty at Whitman College since 2008, teaching Anthropology and Interdisciplinary Studies (Gender Studies and Race & Ethnic Studies) and advising students who are interested in the health professions. As both teacher and scholar, Suzanne invites herself, her students, and her research collaborators to challenge their assumptions about being, knowing and doing, disrupting what gets defined as familiar versus strange. Her long-term interests and work have been in maternal and child health, chronic illness, integrative medicine, public health program evaluation and applied ethnography – all of which influence the courses she teaches, particularly those on the politics of health and science, health narratives, and the embodiment of disease.

Suzanne has co-produced the ethnographic film From Our Strength: Birth and Indigenous Politics in Cañar, Ecuador (http://www.berkeleymedia.com/product/from_our_strength/) and authored the ethnography Life Strategies: Motherhood, Poverty, and the WIC Program in Urban America (https://rowman.com/ISBN/9780739189337/Motherhood-Poverty-and-the-WIC-Program-in-Urban-America-Life-Strategies). Together with her undergraduate students, Professor Morrissey has been working with the Peoples Organization of Community Acupuncture in Portland, OR since 2013.