National deadline: February 3, 2017

Eligibility requirements:

  • U.S. citizen or permanent resident
  • In the field of biomedical engineering/bioengineering or a closely-related field (Chemical, Mechanical or Electrical Engineering with substantive interest and background in Biomedicine) or, if your institution doesn't offer a formalized BME program, have demonstrated commitment to the field of BME
  • No more than 3 years from the receipt of most recent degree, or be currently enrolled
  • Language proficiency to carry out the proposed project in the host country at the time of departure
  • Bachelor's degree by the beginning date of the grant
  • Enrolled in a BME or BME-related Master's or PhD program OR
  • A recent recipient (within the last 3 years) of an MS degree in BME or a BME-related field

Award summary and conditions: The Whitaker International Summer Program provides funding for U.S. bioengineers and biomedical engineers to continue abroad their existing Master's or PhD work of high-quality, individually-arranged, research OR internship in industry OR coursework relevant to their field under the supervision of a mentor to; Improve their expertise as scientists, help developing scientists open their minds to think and analyze on a broader, global level, build individual as well as institutional partnerships; and establish dialogues between the scientific community in the U.S. and the rest of the world.

Benefits include:

  • Fixed-amount fellowship award
  • Round-trip international fare
  • Monthly living stipend commensurate with the expected expenses in the host country
  • Health and accident insurance

Application process: online and hard copy 

Application requirements: 

  • Application Form
  • Project Abstract (2 sentences)
  • Essay (3 pages max.)
  • Letters of Reference (2)
  • List of publications 
  • Official Transcripts from all Post-Secondary Degree Granting Institutions (one set whether official or unofficial must be submitted online, and one set sent as hard copy)*
  • Letter of Support from Overseas Host Institution*

*Hard copy materials should be sent by the deadline to:

Whitaker International Awards Competition
U.S. Student Programs
Institute of International Education
809 United Nations Plaza
New York, NY 10017

Selection process: Applicants will be notified of acceptance or rejection in April 

Contact information: