National deadline:  October 1, 2015, Spring Fellowship
                               January 4, 2016, Fall Fellowship

Eligibility requirements:

  • Seniors (must have graduated by Fellowship start) 
  • Alumni (graduated within two years of beginning the fellowship and able to work for 6 months) 
  • Academic or real world background in peace and security issues, recommended 
  • International students may apply as long as have proper work visa

Applicants should have experience and/or strong interest in the following:

  • Arms Control/Disarmament, including Nuclear Test Ban, Ballistic Missile Proliferation/Defense, Conventional Arms Transfers, Weapons Proliferation--Nuclear, Biological and Chemical
  • Conflict Prevention/Resolution
  • Defense Budget
  • Dismantling Chemical and Nuclear Weapons in the former Soviet Union
  • Environmental and Energy Security, including the Nexus of Climate Change and Energy Use, Conflict, and Resource Scarcity
  • Environmental Impact/Cleanup of Nuclear Weapons Production Complex
  • Export Controls
  • International Security
  • Regional/Ethnic Conflicts, including East Asia, South Asia, Middle East,
  • United Nations, including UN Peacekeeping

Award summary and conditions: The Herbert Scoville Jr. Peace Fellowship, established in 1987, is a competitive national fellowship program that provides college graduates with the opportunity to gain a Washington perspective on key issues of peace and security. Twice yearly, the fellowship's board of directors selects a group of outstanding individuals to spend six to nine months in Washington. Supported by a stipend, the Fellows serve as full-time project assistants at the participating organization of their choice. Scoville Fellows, through independent projects and active participation with their chosen organization and the larger community dedicated to peace and security issues, have rich opportunities to gain experience and leadership skills and to help translate their social concerns into direct action. In addition, each Fellow selects a board member to serve as a mentor, smoothing the transition to Washington, DC.

Fellows receive a stipend of $2,700 per month and health insurance, plus travel expenses to Washington, DC. The program also provides $1,000 per fellow to attend relevant conferences or meetings that could cover travel, accommodations, and registration fees.

Application process: There is no application form. Complete applications must contain the following items:

  • Cover sheet that includes:

            - Name
            - Telephone Number
            - Email Address
            - Semester for which you are applying (Spring or Fall)
            - Name, address, email address, and telephone number for each of your two references (whether these letters are included with your materials or will be emailed separately).
            - List 5-6 of our participating organizations that you would like to work with if chosen as a Scoville Fellow. Please check this list of organizations to see which are eligible to host a fellow during the upcoming term. For a list of               participating organizations go to:
            - How you learned about the Scoville Fellowship.  Please be specific about the publications, websites, professors, career advisor/career office, friend, web search, etc.

  • Curriculum vitae
  • Personal essay discussing the candidate's qualifications, interests, fellowship objectives and career goals. The essay should clearly address the candidate's experience and interest in and passion for the area of international peace and security, particularly in public education.
  • Policy/opinion essay (no more than 1,000 words) relevant to the field of peace and security taking a position on a contemporary, contentious issue addressed by the fellowship. (See list above.) Essays must be titled.  Candidates may submit an essay (or an excerpt of one) written for a course so long as it does not exceed the 1,000 word limit.  
  • Official transcript(s) 
  • Letters of reference (2) Each letter should address the accomplishments and standing of the candidate; the candidate's interest and experience in peace and security issues; the candidate's ability to communicate, both orally and in writing; the candidate's maturity and judgment, and the candidate's potential to make a significant contribution to peace and security issues.  Signatures are preferred but not required.  Letters should be emailed as an attached document, in Word or PDF, rather than sent in the body of the email. The required application materials are described below. Applicants must submit these documents as attachments using the online application form.

Note: Transcripts and reference letters that cannot be submitted on the online form should be emailed to

Submitting Applications:

All application materials must be emailed to  In the subject line write Scoville Application--Last name of applicant.  Do not submit more than one copy of your application.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit all application items as one compiled Adobe PDF file or Microsoft Word document in the order listed above.  We understand that some reference writers and universities prefer to send letters and transcripts directly to a potential employer. In that case these items should be emailed to We will reluctantly accept reference letters and transcripts in paper copies if they are not available as emails.

Items 1-4 must be emailed as a single PDF or Word document and must not exceed 10 pages. We will not accept any of these documents in paper form.

Applicants are responsible for ensuring that all materials, including reference letters and transcripts, arrive on time. Owing to the time it takes to process applications the program will not be able to confirm the arrival of items for several weeks after the deadline. Therefore applicants should confirm with their reference writers and universities that items have been submitted. Failure to send all items on time may adversely impact a candidate’s application.

Pay attention to the following when compiling and submitting an application:

  • Scoville requests that complete applications not exceed 2 MB. Applicants may need to condense items in PDF and/or scan transcripts in black and white rather than color to minimize the email space.  Scanned items should not exceed 150 dpi.  We only accept materials submitted in PDF or Word formats.
  • Official academic transcripts should be scanned and emailed rather than sent in the mail.  Applicants should scan and email multi-page transcripts as a single attachment rather than send a separate attachment for each page of the transcript.  Transcripts from more than one university should be submitted in chronological order in a single attachment.  Do not send email copies of transcripts that require a password to open as these are difficult to merge into a PDF document. Applicants may need to rotate their transcripts 90 degrees so they can be read on the computer.
  • Applicants are requested to list their name on each page of the application and to number each page of a multi-page document.
  • Board members reviewing applications will only read items sent as attachments. Any message to the program director may be sent in a separate email to
  • Applicants should not submit blank pages or extraneous documents.
  • Applicants are requested not to submit materials more than one month prior to the deadline.

In order to expedite the processing of the applications we request that applicants and others submitting materials on their behalf use the following titles when naming attachments:

Application Item Title of attached document
Complete Application (all required materials) Last name of applicant-Complete
Items 1-4 Last name of applicant-1-4
Official transcript(s) Last name of applicant-Transcript
Two letters of reference Last name of applicant-Last name of letter writer

There is no need to write Scoville Fellowship or the semester for which you are applying in the title of each document.

Reference letters and transcripts that are not available by email may be mailed to:

Paul Revsine
Herbert Scoville Jr. Peace Fellowship
322 4th Street, NE
Washington, DC 20002

Faculty Representative: Keith Raether

National committee interview: Yes

Notification: The Scoville Fellowship's board of directors selects the top applicants for Washington interviews. The fellowship pays for travel and accommodations for the finalists during the interview weekend. Interviews take place approximately 12-14 weeks after the application deadline.  

Contact information: