National deadline: The 2015 application will open December 2, 2014 and remain available through January 5, 2015. (2015/2016 TBA) 

  • When you submit your Fellowship application, you are automatically considered for the Global Fellowship and may opt-in to be considered for the Climate Fellowship.  The eligibility and requirements are the same for both fellowships except that for the Climate Fellowship the applicant must:

            1. Be starting a new organization that focuses on innovations in mitigation and adaptation to climate change.
            2. Be able to clearly articulate why confronting the climate crisis is one of their closest personal values.

Eligibility requirements:

  • Applicants must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Applicants must have sufficient English fluency to participate in interviews and Echoing Green events.
  • Organizations must be the original idea of the applicant.
  • Organizations must be independent and autonomous. Organizations cannot be considered independent or autonomous if they are started under the direction of an existing organization. The applicant must be the primary decision maker for the organization’s development and management. Generally, organizations with fiscal sponsors are still considered autonomous.
  • Organizations must be in a start-up phase. To be considered a start-up, the applicant may have been running the organization full-time for approximately two years and Echoing Green's financial support should qualify it as a major/primary early funder. Applicants who have only worked on their organization on a part-time basis or have yet to start an organization are generally considered eligible.
  • Applicants must make a full-time commitment (minimum 35 hours per week) to the organization's development for the duration of the two-year fellowship. It is expected that all selected fellows resign from their current employment to dedicate themselves full-time to their initiatives. Students will not be eligible for their fellowship stipend if their organization is put on hold due to conflicts with their studies.
  • Partnerships (organizations led by two individuals) may apply. Both partners must make a full-time commitment of no fewer than 35 hours per week to the development of the organization.
  • Applicants can be citizens of any nationality and their organizations can be based in any country. However, if the applicant is not a US citizen or permanent resident and does not have legal status to work in the US, no services in connection with their fellowship may be performed in the United States. If you are authorized to work in the US but this status is granted to you through your current employer and you are only authorized to work for that employer, you are not eligible to apply for a US-based proposal.
  • Applicants must commit to attending Echoing Green's training conferences, if selected as fellows. All new fellows attend a conference in July the year they are selected, as well as a November conference that year and for the next three years. Echoing Green covers all expenses related to these events and will announce the dates a few months prior to each conference.

Application process and materials:  Online. For an application worksheet with guidance and information about the short answer questions on the application go to:

Faculty Representative: Keith Raether

National committee interview: Yes

Selection process:  The Echoing Green Fellowship selection process is highly competitive. Applicants progress through three application stages with eliminations after each phase. By the end of the process, Echoing Green will have narrowed the 2500+ applications to 12-20 fellowships. The 2015 finalists will begin their fellowship July 2015 and continue until June 30, 2017. Applicants will be evaluated on the following criteria during the course of the selection process:

Contact information: