National deadline:  November 1, 2015
Eligibility requirements:

  • U.S. citizen
  • 40 years or younger at the application deadline
  • Graduate degree preferred
  • Minimum 5 years of relevant, full-time work experience in target fellowship field (excluding internships)
  • Evidence of outstanding professional performance
  • Sincere commitment to furthering the transatlantic relationship

Award summary: The Robert Bosch Foundation Fellowship Program is a distinguished transatlantic initiative that offers fifteen accomplished Americans the opportunity to complete a comprehensive professional development program in Germany. The Bosch Fellowship is comprised of three main           components: customized work placements, professional seminars, and German language training.
Bosch Fellows work as consultants in their field of expertise at leading public or private institutions in Germany. In addition, Bosch Fellows participate in professional seminars, where they travel to meet and exchange ideas with key figures across Germany and Europe. Prior to their work placements and   seminars, Bosch Fellows participate in up to 5 months of language training with both private tutors in the United States and group classes in Germany. Fellows are from the fields of business administration, cultural management (ex. museum, theater, orchestra), journalism, law, non-profit, public policy, and urban planning.
The program is fully funded by the Robert Bosch Stiftung, one of the largest foundations in Germany, with the goal of fostering a community of American leaders who have firsthand experience in the political, economic and cultural environment of Germany and the European Union.  Cultural Vistas acts       as the U.S. representative of the Robert Bosch Foundation Fellowship Program and has administered the program since its inception in 1984. 

Program Benefits:

  • One or two high-level work phases at leading German institutions
  • Traveling seminars series covering issues of German, European and transatlantic concern
  • Up to five months German language training
  • Monthly stipend of EUR 3,000 (tax-free in Germany) starting in September; monthly summer stipend of EUR 1.000 + free accommodations during July and August
  • Accommodation and travel (from U.S. points only) to Washington, D.C. orientation program
  • Financial support for an accompanying spouse & children
  • Flights to and from Germany
  • Membership in the Robert Bosch Foundation Alumni Association (RBFAA)

Application materials:  electronic (For application go to:

  • Application form
  • Short essay questions
  • Resume
  • Official university transcripts
  • Two letters of recommendation

Please do not staple any documents, or include extraneous materials such as report covers, supplemental recommendations, or publications.
Note:  All documents can be uploaded online.  If necessary to mail transcripts and recommendation letters, they must be received by November 1 at the following address:

Robert Bosch Foundation Fellowship Program
Cultural Vistas
440 Park Avenue South, 2nd floor
New York, NY 10016
Signed and sealed recommendation letters and official transcripts may be sent directly by the recommenders and university registrars or in one package from the applicant.

Selection process:
---By November 30, 2014:  Application status (complete/incomplete) will be sent via email.
---By March 1, 2015: Reviewed application status/invitation to interview will be sent via email.
---Mid/Late March, 2015:  In person interviews will take place in New York City

Faculty representative: Keith Raether