Ralph Waldo Morris, A.B., 1909-1911 Assistant Professor of English

Harold Guy Merriam, A.B., 1909-1911 Instructor in English

Hughena Monteith Thomson, 1909-1911, Instructor in Public Speaking, and Director of Physical Training for Women

Aubrey Ward Goodenough, A.M., 1911-1912 Assistant Professor of English

Mable Electa Bulan, Ph.D., 1911-1912, Instructor in English

May Frazier, A.M., 1911-1913, Instructor in English

Ariel Margaret McNaughton, A.M., 1911- 1915, Instructor in English

Ralph Phillip Boas, A.M. 1911-1916, Assistant Professor of English, in 1913 becomes Associate Professor in 1911. He went on leave in 1916-1918 and never returned. He coached debate at least for some time.

William Rees Davis, Mary A Denny Professor of English; A.B. Ripon College; A.M. Harvard; 1913- (at least 1947). Dean in 1930.

Milton Simpson A.M. Acting Associate Professor of English, 1916-1919. He probably coached debate and taught speech, taking over for Boas.

Margaret Lucille Leyda, A.B. Instructor in English and Physical Training for Women, 1916-1917.

Eliza Polhemus Cobb, A.B. Instructor in English, 1917-1918.
Dorothy Margaret Gardner A.M. 1918-1920, Instructor in English; 1920-?, Assistant Professor of English and Dean of Women.

Mark Bayley A.M. Assistant Professor of English, 1919-1920. Probably coached debate; taught speech.

Le Forest Waterman Sawtelle, Assistant Professor English, 1920-?; Ph.B. Probably coached debate and taught speech.

May Dening Penrose, 1920-? Instructor in English.

1920 Catalog, the "Courses in Speaking" are separated from English.

Edith Blackman Merrell Davis, A.B. (Mrs.) Assistant Professor English, A.B. Ripon College; started in the English department in 1924 (she taught Latin as an instructor prior to that way back to 1901); on leave of absence during 1944; she finishes in 1946 or 1947.

Raymond Lloyd Lapham, Instructor in English, 1926-?, A.M., University of Oregon; B.A. Reed College

Mark Harris, Assistant Professor of Public Speaking and Debate, 1929-1931. A.B. Williams College. May have stopped in 1931.

Roy Clyde McCall, A.M. Assistant Professor of English, 1931-1934 A.B. University of Redlands, 1930; A.M., University of Southern California, 1933. Took a leave of absence in 1934-35; returned; he leaves in 1936. I believe the debate and speech oriented courses may have not been taught during his absence or Ackley taught them. Probably coached debate and took over for Harris who may actually have stopped teaching in 1931.

Marvin Waldo Cragun, Instructor in English, 1930-1933; Assistant Professor, 1933-? A.B. and A.M. University of Minnesota

William Russell Blankenship; Associate Professor of English, 1923-1932; Associate Professor; became a Professor in 1932, went on leave and did not return. A.B. University of Missouri; A.M. University of Washington.

John William Ackley, A.M. Assistant Professor of English, A.B., University of Redlands; A.M., University of Southern California, started in 1934 as acting assistant; 1935-1936 he is an instructor; given assistant professor position in 1936; he teaches an literature, discussion and the English intro course during his first two years; becomes an associate professor in 1944; is taken out of job in 1945 (Ray Keesey replaces him) goes on leave of absence for the 1946-47 year and then leaves the college permanently.

Ray Keesey, A.M. Assistant Professor of English; A.B., A.M., Ohio University; Ohio State University; joins the school in 1945; becomes assistant professor in 1946; unclear when he leaves because in 1946 Newcomer arrives.