Rhetoric, Elocution, Greek Oration and Declamation classes required 1882-1897

Miss Abbie E.Cushman, A.M., 1883 - 1888 , Lady Principal and Professor of English Language, Elocution, and History; in 1886, becomes Professor English Language and History

Corabel Tarr, Ph. B., 1886-1888, Instructor in Elocution and Latin; taught different courses after that for a year.

William D. Lyman 1888 - 1890; 1891-1895, began as Professor of English language and History; then became Professor of Political Science and English in 1891 (continued on as Pol. Sci. and History until ?)

Mrs. M. C. Gunn, 1890-1891, Professor of English language and History

Miss Fannie C. Norris, A.M., 1890-1891, Instructor in latin, German, and Elocution

Otto A. Hauerbach, A.B., 1895 - 1901, 1901-1903 , Professor of Oratory and Elocution; in 1901, he becomes Professor of English Language and Literature; is on leave of absence in 1903 and does not return

Louise R. Loomis, A.B., 1898-1901, Instructor in Latin and English

William Worthington, A.B. 1900-1901, Instructor in Greek and English

1902, ASWC starts; it controls debate and oratory/recognizes it

Edith B. Merrell, A.B., 1901-1907 Instructor in Greek and Latin; becomes Greek and Oratory in 1905; returned in 1912

Eliza P. Cobb, A.B., 1903- 1905, Dean of Women and Assistant Professor of English

William D. Lyman teaches some courses in English, 1903-1904,

Archer W. Hendrick, A.M., LL.B., 1903- 1909 when he becomes Dean, Acting Professor of English Language and Literature and Principal of Academy' becomes Professor of English, and Principal of Whitman Academy in 1904; called the Pearsons Academy 1906; just Professor of English in 1908; becomes Dean of the College in 1909

Norman Frank Coleman, A.B., 1906- Professor of Rhetoric; becomes Professor of English in 1909

President Penrose and E. B. Merrell taught Public Speaking, a separate department!, 1905-1906

Lucille Foster Fargo, B.L., 1904-1905, Assistant in English

Ruby Maud Jolliffe, A.B., 1905- Instructor in English and German; just English as of 1906

Julia Lucile James, 1906-1907, Assistant in English

Annie Jenkins Rue, 1906-1907, Assistant in English