Lisa Taylor

Professional Speech Outline

May 9, 2006


1. Whose heard of the candy Aplets and Cotlets? VISUAL

2. Many people regard it as a Northwest Classic confection, made in little town in central Washington called Cashmere, where I’m from.

a. Many people don’t know that the company was founded in the early 1920’s by two immigrants from Armenia-small country located in southwestern Asia, east of Turkey. VISUAL—Mark Balabanian, Armen Tertsagian—great grandfather

-May find it hard to believe I have Armenian heritage, white, blond, blue eyes, but check out thick eyebrows, arm hair

b. I’m going to give you a little history about the story behind Aplets and Cotlets.


Brief Armenia History

1. Founders from Armenia, Middle East VISUAL

a. Also many Armenians living in surrounding countries, Great grandfathers family from Yozgat, a town in Eastern Turkey

2. During late 1800’s when great grandfather a young man, the Armenian Genocides began by the Turkish Ottoman empire.

a. Culmination of centuries of religious persecution.

b. Armenian Massacres often overlooked as the first genocide of the 20th century. [1]

3. During this time, my great grandfather studying at Anatolia College, an American missionary school in Constantinople [2], learned of the massacres, returned home to Yozgat to find that his entire family had been killed.


New Life in America

1. Emigrated to America around 1900, traveled to Seattle

a. Met fellow Armenian there at YMCA, Mark Balabanian.

b. Probably only Armenians in Seattle. Decided to become business partners

-Yogurt factory, restaurant

-Didn’t like rain, wanted drier, Mediterranean climate

2. Traveled across Cascade mountains, settled in Cashmere, WA, small town in WenatcheeValley, rolling hills and orchards reminded them of homeland.

a. Bought an orchard, named it Liberty Orchards in honor of their new freedom

b. Went into dried fruit business—supported WWI effort. Also had a cannery.


Birth of a New Candy

1. Their most successful business venture was discovered by fluke.

2. Needed to bring a dessert to a church picnic, decided to make rhahat locoum, ancient confection from the Eastern Mediterrean region. VISUAL

a. Locoum is Turkish delight. Chronicles of Narnia? In east, made with flavorings rose, cinnamon, lemon

b. Used local apples and nuts to create unique form of the candy.

c. Everyone at the picnic loved it, and they decided to go into candy business.

d. Named their new concoction Aplets, and a few years later, Cotlets (apricots) VISUAL


Aplets and Cotlets Today

1. Candy still made essentially the same way as in Mark and Armen’s time.

a. Natural fruit juices and purées, pectin—jelly like candy base, corn starch, sugar, and flavorings cooked in large kettles. VISUAL

b. Describe process of candy manufacturing VISUALS [3] 

2. Today have 50 flavors

a. Product sold in retail stores in North and Central America, largest customers are big retailers like Costco, Wal Mart

b. Sells directly to consumers through mail order and website business.

c. 65,000 a year tour factory in Cashmere VISUAL



1. If nothing else, the story of Aplets and Cotlets is one of immigration success.

2. Has a certain timeliness as immigration is a hot topic today.

3. Reminds us of how America is land of opportunity and promise for people of different backgrounds

4. Demonstration of what a contribution people from other countries can make to our national culture.

5. Encourage you to try some candy!