Courses and Major-Minor Requirements

Rhetoric Courses (by area of interest)

Courses in bold are required for completion of the major

Public Speaking Course

Rhetoric 110, Fundamentals of Public Address

Argumentation and Debate Courses

Rhetoric 121, Fundamentals of Argumentation
Rhetoric 221, Intercollegiate Parliamentary Debate 
Rhetoric 222, Intercollegiate Policy Debate

Foundations in Rhetorical Studies Courses

Rhetoric 230, Introduction to Rhetoric and Public Culture (required)
Rhetoric 330, The Roots of Rhetoric (required)

Social Justice & Activism Rhetoric Courses

Rhetoric 240, Rhetorical Explorations: Race, Class, and Gender
Rhetoric 245, Persuasion, Agitation, and Social Movements
Rhetoric 247, ST: The Rhetoric of Work
Rhetoric 248-249, Special Topics in Rhetoric and Social Justice
Rhetoric 341, Rhetoric of Hip Hop
Rhetoric 342, The Rhetoric of the 47%: Social, Political and Rhetorical Class Materialism
Rhetoric 343, Rhetoric of Weapons of the State

Rhetoric 344, The Rhetoric of Social Protest: Exploring the Arab Spring
Rhetoric 347, ST: Rhetoric and Violence
Rhetoric 348-349, Special Advanced Topics in Rhetoric and Social Justice

Political-Legal Rhetoric Courses

Rhetoric 247-249, Special Topics in Political and Legal Rhetoric
Rhetoric 350, Freedom of Speech and the First Amendment
Rhetoric 351, Argument in the Law and Politics
Rhetoric 352, Political Campaign Rhetoric

Rhetoric 353, The Rhetoric of Civil Rights: From the Courts to the Streets
Rhetoric 357-359, Special Advanced Topics in Political and Legal Rhetoric

Rhetoric and Discourse Theory Courses

Rhetoric 277, Visual Rhetoric
Rhetoric 278, Rhetoric of National Identity
Rhetoric 279, Special Topics in Rhetoric and Discourse Theory
Rhetoric 377 Rhetorical Bodies  
Rhetoric 378, ST: Rhetoric, Politics, and Postmodernity
Rhetoric 379, ST: Rhetoric and Queer Theory

Capstone and Independent Study Courses

Rhetoric 387, Introductory Rhetorical Criticism (required)
Rhetoric 487, Advanced Rhetorical Criticism (required)
Rhetoric 491, Thesis in Rhetoric Studies (one of either 491 or 498 is required for senior assessment in the major)
Rhetoric 498, Honors Thesis in Rhetoric Studies
Rhetoric 401 & 402, Independent Study in Rhetoric Studies