Sample forms and templates

  • Institutional Review Board Policy:
  • Institutional Review Board (IRB) proposal forms(.pdf format)
    • Psychology Senior Thesis Students: These are the forms that need to be submitted to your thesis advisor by September 28. Data collection should not begin until the forms are returned to you with approval from your advisor, the psychology department and the IRB committee (approval status is indicated at the top of the cover page).
    • Other Whitman Researchers: Feel free to use these forms. Proposals can be submitted to Melissa Clearfield, the chair of the IRB committee electronically (clearfmw at whitman dot edu) or manually (Maxey 320)
  • Sample Informed Consent form (contributed by Matt Prull)
  • Sample Informed Consent form (contributed by Melissa Clearfield)
  • Sample Informed Consent form (contributed by Pavel Blagov)

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