Parviz Mullojonov

Edward F. Arnold Visiting Professor of History & Politics

Maxey Hall 133

Parviz Mullojonov, Ph.D, a political scientist and historian, senior adviser to the International Alert office in Tajikistan and former Chairman of the Board of the Tajik branch of the Open Society Institute (Soros Foundation); He is former research fellow and at the Kettering Foundation (USA) and visiting scholar the University of Exeter (UK), University of Heidelberg (Germany) and School of Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences – EHESS (Paris). Parviz Mullojonov He worked for various international agencies and organizations such as Human Rights Watch/Helsinki, UNCHR, UNDP, ADB, Soros Foundation and International Alert. Parviz Mullojanov received his Ph.D in Islamic studies at the University of Basel (Switzerland).