"In this fascinating history of perhaps the most maligned and emblematic American food--industrially made white bread--Bobrow-Strain subtly upends common prejudices while illuminating fundamental shifts in the nation's economy, gender relations, aesthetic preferences, diet, and cultural politics."  --Benjamin Schwarz, The Atlantic Monthly

image of white bread bookWritten by a seasoned baker, White Bread is both an epic, often funny history of the industrial loaf and a wise commentary on today's polarized food politics. Tear into it."--Susanne Freidberg, author of Fresh: A Perishable History 

"This terrific book does for the humble loaf what Mark Kurlansky does for cod." --Raj Patel, author of Stuffed and Starved  

"Whatever you think of white bread, its history is full of surprises.  And Bobrow-Strain shares this history with wit, style, and imagination.  This is a richly researched and cleverly told story."  --Catherine Ramsdell, PopMatters    

"Aaron Bobrow-Strain has accomplished a difficult task: White Bread is imaginative, scholarly, yet totally accessible. Any reader who cherishes bread and all the issues it touches as a powerful social and aspirational metaphor will love this book." --Peter Reinhart, baker and author of Artisan Breads Everyday  

"A really good read"--Mother Earth News  

"Highly recommended."--Choice Magazine  

"Epically well researched" --Libby Copeland, Slate  

"This book provides an enlightening take on bread's social and cultural value. Bobrow-Strain blends academic rigor with a friendly, insightful tone, making White Bread the best thing since...well, never mind."--Serious Eats