In 2005 the Math Department adopted a senior project requirement of all of its majors. Through 2011 the senior project was implemented as a year-long course. In 2012 the course was converted to a one-semester course. Projects are developed and proposed by members of the math department. Students choose a project that interests them from a list of proposed projects and are consequently paired up with the department member that offered the project.

The student works on the project independently with the guidance and advise of the department member. The student gathers information, develops theory and provides regular progress reports in both written and oral form.

This is a year-by-year archive of the final written portions of the senior projects.

Senior Projects By Year

  • 2018

    Math Department Senior Project Archive 2018 - Coordinator: Pat Keef, 6 students

  • 2017

    Math Department Senior Project Archive 2017 - Coordinator: Albert Schueller, 9 students

  • 2016

    Math Department Senior Project Archive 2016 - Coordinator: Barry Balof, 16 students

  • 2015

    Math Department Senior Project Archive 2015 - Coordinator: Pat Keef, 13 students

  • 2014

    Details regarding the 15 mathematics student senior projects for 2014. Coordinator: Albert Schueller

  • 2013

    Detail about the 11 student senior projects that were completed in 2013. Coordinator: Barry Balof

  • 2012

    A list of the 2012 senior projects in math that were coordinated by professor Barry Balof

  • 2011

    Coordinator: Pat Keef, 7 students

  • 2010

    Coordinator: Pat Keef, 8 students

  • 2009

    Coordinator: Laura Schueller, 16 students

  • 2008

    Coordinator: Laura Schueller, 12 students

  • 2007

    Coordinator: Barry Balof, 5 students.

  • 2006

    Coordinator: Albert Schueller, 13 students.

  • 2005

    Coordinator: Barry Balof, 11 students