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Additional detailed information concerning operations in the labs can be found via the Computer Science Lab Manual.

Linux questions and answers:

How do I change my password in the lab?
Use "kpasswd" in a terminal window. If you've forgotten your password entirely, please let your professor know in class and they can reset it. 
How do I log in to the lab remotely?

We have turned off telnet and ftp access to the lab to increase security. You need to use ssh and scp or sftp instead, which protects your password. The easiest way to log in is to use a java-capable browser to go to http://math.whitman.edu, and then click on the "Secure login" link. There are also free and commercial versions of ssh, scp and sftp for windows, os x and linux. If you have a standalone ssh program, you can connect to any of the lab machines from campus, not just the one named "math" (which is where you'll edn up if you use a browser).

The command "finger showall@math.whitman.edu" will show you the names of the lab machines and who is logged in on each. If you are on campus, you should ssh to a machine that is not being used, if possible, or to "math". If you are off-campus you can only ssh to math.whitman.edu. A good ssh program for windows is PuTTY, and a good sftp program is WinSCP. For more detailed information on how to ssh into a machine from off campus, please consult the Lab Manual link mentioned above.

How do I copy a file from a lab computer to my personal computer and vis versa?

You'll either need to use an ftp application, such as WinSCP (Windows), FileZilla (Windows, Mac, Linux) or Cyberduck (Win, Mac, Linux) or use the scp command in terminal. You will not be able to copy a file directly from the lab computer to your personal machine. Instead, you'll need to copy the file to the math server and then use the scp command to copy it to your local machine. See the Lab Manual for more detailed instructions.