Regularly offered courses which fulfill the requirement

(most of these classes are offered every other year or every third year)

205: East Asian Environmental History
209: Religion in Latin America
217: Decolonization in Africa
219: Nation Creation: Latin America in the Nineteenth Century
225: Ancient Mediterranean -- Near East
226: Ancient Mediterranean -- Greece
227: Ancient Mediterranean -- Rome
230: International Relations of the Middle East
231: Oceans Past and Future: Introduction to Marine Environmental History
232: Changing Landscapes: Introduction to Terrestrial Environmental History
250: New Worlds, New Empires: North America, 1600-1800
261: America in Vietnam
268: History of American Immigration and Ethnic Minorities
287: Colonial Latin America
288  Reform or Revolution: Latin America in the Twentieth Century
307: Beastly Modernity: Animals in the 19th Century
314: Colonial Moment in Africa
320: Alexander the Great and the Hellenistic World
321: Muslim/Others: Muslim and Western Travel Writing in Comparative Perspective
322: History of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict
332: Cultural Encounters in Pre-Modern Europe
335: Modern European Imperialism
348: Horseriders and Samurai: New Regimes in Early Modern East Asia
355: Pacific Whaling History
364: The Black Atlantic
367: The United States in the World
378: The United States and the Iraq Wars
380: Topics in Comparative History (all offerings)
381: History of Central America
382: United States-Latin American Relations
384: Cuba & Nicaragua

Special Topics Courses which fulfill the requirement

315: A Tale of Two Cities: Carthage & Rome