Faculty and Staff

Nick Bader, Ph.D.; Assistant Professor, Soils, Paleoecology, Hydrology and GIS; (509) 527-5113 baderne@whitman.edu

Robert J. Carson, Ph.D.; Professor, Quaternary and Environmental Geology; (509) 527-5224 carsonrj@whitman.edu

Angela Cota, M.S.; Geology Technician; (509) 527-5696 cotaac@whitman.edu

Bryn Kimball, Ph.D.; Visiting Assistant Professor, Mineralogy, Environmental Studies; (509) 527-4951 kimballb@whitman.edu

Patti Moss, Science Division Assistant; (509) 527-5225 mosspm@whitman.edu

Kirsten P. Nicolaysen, Ph.D.; Associate Professor, Department Chair, Igneous Petrology, Mineralogy and Volcanology; (509) 527-4934 nicolakp@whitman.edu

Kevin R. Pogue, Ph.D.; Professor, Structural Geology; (509) 527-5955 pogue@whitman.edu

Grant Shimer, Ph.D.; Visiting Assistant Professor, Sedimentology; (509) 527-5944 shimergt@whitman.edu

Patrick K. Spencer, Ph.D.; Professor, Sedimentation and Paleontology; (509) 527-5222 spencerp@whitman.edu

John D. Winter, Ph.D., winterj@whitman.edu ; This link will take you to the webpage of retired Whitman geology professor John Winter. The page includes information about Winter's textbook, An Introduction to Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology, and a lot more.