general studies
“The Seven Liberal Arts,” by Marten de Vos Seven, 1590

General Studies 145, 146 Encounters (The First-Year Experience)

A two-semester introduction to the liberal arts and the academic construction of knowledge. Organized around a variable theme, this course takes as its broad topic the examination of encounters between peoples and cultures, and the formation and transformation of dominant and competing worldviews. The study of primary sources, discussion, writing, and the construction of knowledge across academic fields will be emphasized. The two semesters will be taught as a single year-long course. The P-D-F grade option may not be elected for this course. The theme for the 2017-2018 academic year will be “Encounters: Transformations.” There are 30 faculty from across the college teaching Encounters. The Director of Encounters is Helen Kim, Associate Professor of Sociology.

General Studies 245 Critical Voices

 This one-semester extension of the First-Year Experience will call into question the dominance of traditional western world views by critically examining the historical and ideological roles played by “others.” The aim is to learn to listen to these voices in their own contexts. Such voices will include those geographically “non-western,” as well as those excluded or subordinated by way of race, gender, and/or class within Europe and North America. Prerequisites: General Studies 145 and 146.