This page is intended to be a helpful place to find links to resources about and related to Gender Studies, Women and Feminist Issues, LGBTQIA+ Resources, and more. Explore the categories below to learn more about resources on campus, in Walla Walla, and all over the world. 

On Campus 

Below you will find a list of helpful links for on campus resources both in the study of and related to Gender and Sexuality Studies:

  • Penrose Library Gender Studies Subject Guide
  • LGBTQIA+ Resources including SafeZone Training and Workshop information, FAQ, and Resources for LGBTQIA+ students.
  • David Nord Award Information -- an annual prize given for projects designed to address critical issues facing queer communities through a variety of creative and scholarly mediums.
  • Resources for Survivors of Sexualt Assault can be found on the Whitman College, Resources and Support website. 

Beyond Whitman 

Below you will find a list of links beyond the Whitman campus including links to Walla Walla area resources as well as national resources for information, volunteer opportunities, and futher reference:

Walla Walla

External Links 

Below you will find a list of helpful links to websites applicable to the study of Gender and Sexuality including databases, articles, and reputable news sources: