Director: Suzanne Morrissey, Anthropology and Interdisciplinary Studies

Office: Maxey Hall 321

Curriculum Vitae

2014 ethnographic film: From our Strength: Birth and Indigenous Politics in Cañar, Ecuador

email: morrisse@whitman.edu

Susanne Beechey, Politics

Office: Maxey Hall 129

email: beechesn@whitman.edu

Kristen Kosmas, Theatre

Office: Harper Joy Theatre 124

email: kosmask@whitman.edu

Lydia McDermott, Composition in General Studies

Office: Olin East E122

Director of the Center for Writing and Speaking (COWS)

email: mcdermlm@whitman.edu

Melissa M. Wilcox, Gender Studies and Religion

Office: Olin 152

Curriculum Vitae

email: wilcoxmm@whitman.edu

Zahi Zalloua, French and Interdisciplinary Studies

Office: Olin 306

Curriculum Vitae

email: zallouz@whitman.edu