You understand that environmental problems are multi-causal phenomena that require multidimensional solutions. It’s why you’re looking for an interdisciplinary program — one that combines your interest in the physical sciences with your passion for the environment, one that prepares you to be a successful scientist as well as an effective environmental citizen and leader. Whitman’s physics-environmental studies major may be the program for you.

These requirements are in addition to core courses required of all environmental studies majors.

Physics-Environmental Studies:

Physics 145 General Physics I with Applications to Life and Earth Sciences OR Physics 155 General Physics I OR Physics 165 Advanced General Physics I

Physics 156 General Physics II or Physics 166 Advanced General Physics II

Physics 245 Twentieth Century Physics I

Physics 246 Waves, Electronics, and Quantum Mechanics

Physics 255 Twentieth Century Physics Lab

Physics 256 Electronics and Wave Lab

Physics 325 Electricity and Magnetism

Physics 339 Advanced Lab

One additional physics course numbered from 300-480 or BBMB 324 Biophysics

Mathematics 125 Calculus I

Mathematics 126 Calculus II

Mathematics 225 Calculus III

Mathematics 244 Differential Equations