If you’re passionate about empowering yourself to address some of the most urgent environmental issues facing our world today, Whitman’s combined geology-environmental studies major may be the perfect fit for you.

These requirements are in addition to core courses required of all environmental studies majors.

Geology-Environmental Studies:

Geology 125 Environmental Geology OR Geology 110 The Physical Earth OR Geology 120 Geological History of Pacific NW
Geology 227 Sedimentology and Stratigraphy
Geology 343 Minerals and the Nuclear Fuel Cycle
Geology 346 Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology
Geology 350 Geomorphology
Geology 358 Field Geology of the Northwest
Geology 420 Structural Geology
Geology 470 Senior Seminar
One additional 3 or 4 credit geology course numbered 250 or above

Take one of the following:

Biology 115 Regional Natural History
Biology 130 Conservation Biology
Biology 177 Ecology of the American West*
Biology course approved by the geology department

Chemistry 125 General Chemistry (Chemistry 140 Advanced General Chemistry I can substitute for Chem 125, 126, 135, and 136)
Chemistry 126 General Chemistry
Chemistry 135 General Chemistry Lab I

Strongly Recommended:

Geology 480 Field Mapping or approved summer field course
Courses in meteorology, physics, calculus, and statistics, and additional courses in biology and chemistry.