Tim Parker

Associate Professor of Biology

Hall of Science 210
(509) 526-4777

B.A. Clark University, International Development, 1992
M.S. Kansas State University, Biology, 1997
Ph.D. University of New Mexico, Biology, 2002

Recent Publications:

Fraser, H., T. H. Parker, S. Nakagawa, A. Barnett, F. Fidler. 2018. Questionable research practices in ecology and evolution. PLOS ONE 13(7): e0200303.

Parker, T.H., E. I. Greig, S. Nakagawa, M. Parra, A. C. Dalisio. 2018. Subspecies status and methods explain strength of response to local versus foreign song by oscine birds in meta-analysis. Animal Behaviour. 142: 1-17.

Parker, T.H.,S. Griffith, J. Bronstein, F. Fidler, S. Foster, H. Fraser, W. Forstmeier, J. Gurevitch, J. Koricheva, R. Seppelt, M. Tingley, S. Nakagawa. 2018. Empowering peer reviewers with a checklist to improve transparency. Nature Ecology & Evolution. 2: 929-935.

Forstmeier, W, E.-J. Wagonmakers,T. H. Parker. 2017. Detecting and avoiding likely false-positive findings - a practical guide. Biological Reviews. 92:1941-1968.

Parker, T. H., W. Forstmeier, J. Koricheva, F. Fidler, J. D. Hadfield, Y. E. Chee, C. D. Kelly, J, Gurevitch, S. Nakagawa. 2016. Transparency in ecology and evolution: real problems, real solutions. Trends in Ecology and Evolution. 31: 711-719.

Rodriguez, S., P. Kennedy, and T. H. Parker. 2016. Timber harvest and tree size explains site occupancy but not productivity in northern goshawks (Accipiter gentilis). Forest Ecology and Management. 374: 220-229.

Nakagawa, S. and T. H. Parker. 2015. Replicating research in ecology and evolution: feasibility, incentives, and the cost-benefit conundrum. BMC Biology. 13:88.