College Requirements for Honors in Major Study

2017-2018 Catalog

Honors in Major Study are awarded to graduating seniors who show unusual ability in their major fields. To be eligible for candidacy a student must have accumulated at least 87 credits, and have completed two semesters of residence at Whitman College. Admission to candidacy begins with the student's submitting a proposal describing his or her thesis or project to the appropriate academic department. Once the department (or departments, for combined majors, or major committee for individually planned majors) approves the proposal admitting the student to candidacy for Honors, the department must file an official notification with the Registrar. The application must be submitted to the major department (or departments for combined majors, or major committee for individually planned majors) within the first six weeks of the two-semester period in which the student is eligible. The student has the privilege of doing preliminary planning on the project or thesis during his or her third year.

A candidate must attain a cumulative GPA of at least 3.300 on all credits earned at Whitman and a GPA of at least 3.500 in the major, complete a written thesis or research project prepared exclusively for the satisfaction of this program, and meet the requirements set forth for filing copies of this thesis or report in the college library not later than Reading Day preceding the beginning of the final examination period in the semester in which the student is registered for the honors thesis course, earn a grade of at least A- on the honors thesis or project and the honors thesis course, and Pass with Distinction on the senior assessment in his or her major study.

Registrar's Office Honors Guidelines and Form Link 

Economics Department Guidelines

In addition to the College guidelines, the Economics Department offers the following timetable for all Economics honors candidates who intend to graduate in May 2018, though some adjustment would be required for Economics-Environmental Studies and Economics-Mathematics honors candidates:

  1. During the Junior Year ‑ Choose a topic, discuss your ideas with faculty members and arrange for a thesis adviser.  Students planning to pursue honors in Economics or an Economics-related combined major are strongly encouraged to complete most of the coursework in Economics, including Econ 327 (Introduction to Econometrics), in preparation for the thesis.
  2. During the Summer ‑ Commence work on the thesis.  At a minimum have a complete bibliography by the first day of the following Fall semester.  
  3. During the First Six Weeks of the Fall Semester - Candidates work with their adviser(s) to fashion a thesis proposal for submission to the Economics Department. 
  4. By Monday, October 9, 2017 - Submit an application for Admission to Candidacy for Honors in Major Study with the accompanying thesis proposal draft to the Economics Department Chair. The thesis adviser and/or Economics Department may require revision of the proposal before granting approval and signing the "Honors in Major Study Application" form.
  5. Thursday, November 2, 2017 - Deadline for submission of the "Honors in Major Study Application." Economics candidates (or Economics-Mathematics majors who elect to write an Economics honors thesis) pre-register for 4 credits of Econ 498. Econ-Environmental Studies candidates pre-register for 3 credits of Econ 498 and 1 credit of EnvS 498.  
  6. Late February ‑ Submit the completed first draft to your thesis adviser(s).
  7. First Day after Spring Break - Submit the preliminary final draft to all members of the thesis defense committee and schedule a thesis defense to take place no later than Friday, April 20, 2018.  For Economics honors candidates the committee consists of all members of the Economics department.  For Economics-Environmental Studies honors candidates the committee includes at least two members of the Economics department and at least one faculty member from the Environmental Studies program. 
  8. Deliver the final draft to the Library within two weeks of the defense, and no later than Wednesday, May 9, 2018.