Lydia McDermott

Associate Professor of Composition and Director of the Center for Writing and Speaking

Professor Lydia McDermott is the Director of the Center for Writing and Speaking, and an Assistant Professor of Composition in General Studies at Whitman. Her Ph.D. is in Rhetoric and Composition and her M.A. is in Creative Writing. She loves to write in practically any genre and especially loves helping others find a passion for writing. Aside from writing, she loves watching and playing soccer, hanging out with her three boys, and walking her dog, Sherlock Bones, around Ankeny Field. Previous to coming to Whitman College, she helped to found and direct the Graduate Writing and Research Center at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. Within the Department of Rhetoric Studies, Professor McDermott teaches the Rhetorical Bodies course and serves as a reader on senior thesis committees. She is also available for writing support for all Rhetoric courses and students. Her first book, Liminial Bodies, Reproductive Health, and Feminist Rhetoric: Searching the Negative Spaces in the History of Rhetoric, came out with Rowman Littlefield Press, Lexington Books, in 2016.