[* indicates Whitman student coauthors]:

"Forsthoefel NR, Klag KA*, McNichol SR*, Arnold CE*, Vernon CR, Wood WW* & Vernon DM (2018) Arabidopsis Ras-group LRR PIRL6 is essential for both Male and Female Gametogenesis and is Regulated by Alternative Splicing. Plant Physiology, in press."

Forsthoefel NR, Klag KA*, Simeles BP*, Reiter R*, Brougham L*, Vernon DM (2013) The Arabidopsis PIRL family and the value of reverse genetic analysis for identifying genes that function in gametophyte development. Plants, 2: 507-520  [DOI: 10.3390/plants2030507]

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Forsthoefel NR, Dao TP*, and Vernon DM (2010)  PIRL1 and PIRL9, Encoding Members of a Novel Family of Plant Leucine-rich Repeat Proteins, Are Essential for Differentiation of Microspores into PollenPlanta, 232(5):1101-1114.

Forsthoefel NR, Cutler K*,  Port MD*, Yamamoto T*, & Vernon DM  (2005) PIRLs: A novel class of plant intracellular leucine rich repeat proteins. Plant & Cell Physiology, 46: 913-922 [DOI: 10.1093/pcp/pci097]  Link: http://pcp.oxfordjournals.org/content/46/6/913.full

Cushing DA*,  Forsthoefel NR,  Gestaut DR*, Vernon DM  (2005) Arabidopsis emb175 and other ppr knockout mutants reveal essential roles for PPR proteins in plant embryogenesisPlanta, 222: 424-436.

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