I teach courses in the Biology department and in the Biochemistry, Biophysics, and Molecular Biology program (BBMB).  

Current courses

Genetics (Biology 205): Biology majors' required genetics class; includes both classical and molecular genetics, and an introduction to genomics.

Gene Discovery and Genomics (Biology 342): Strategies of gene identification and functional analysis, from classic developmental genetics and molecular biology through genomics.  Emphasis on primary research literature; lab component.

Molecular Biology (BBMB 326): Advanced class covering molecular biology and genomics; mainly focused on gene regulation mechanisms.  A core requirement for Whitman BBMB (biochemistry) majors.

Molecular Biology Laboratory (BBMB 336):  Lab course in molecular techniques such as gene cloning, PCR, RT-PCR and genome database use.  Required for BBMB majors.

BBMB Senior Seminar (BBMB 400):  Capstone seminar for BBMB majors; presentation of student's thesis research and some primary research literature

Genes & Genetic Engineering (Biology 125): A non-majors’ course on genetics, biotechnology, and societal implications of genetics-related research. 

Student Research & Thesis (Biology 489-490; BBMB 490):  Supervision of independent student research projects, data analysis, senior thesis preparation, and seminar presentation. Includes students who do research in my laboratory, as well as those writing theses on work done off-campus.  ~60 undergraduate students have worked in my lab since 1996; many as full-time summer research assistants supported by external research grants.

Past Courses

Developmental Biology (Biology 329):  Upper-level elective covering developmental mechanisms in animal systems at the cellular and genetic levels.  Included laboratory. [1995-1999]

Biological principles 111 Lab:  Laboratory of introductory biology course, covering principles of molecular, cellular, and organismal biology [1996]

Research Preparation (Biology 488): A course for biology juniors, on aspects of senior thesis.