2012 Summer Research Projects

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Summer Research Interns

Dandi Huang (BBMB major, 2013)
Project title: Bacterial Burden and Seminal HIV-1 RNA Shedding in Kenyan Men
Lab mentor: David Fredricks (Vaccine and Infectious Diseases Division)

My research was part of a  collaborative  investigation to study the    association between bacterial burden and seminal HIV-1 RNA  shedding in Kenyan men.  Previous work have shown that genitourinary infections can increase sexual transmission of HIV-1.  I  used quantitative PCR to assess bacterial DNA sequences in semen samples which were also evaluated for HIV-1 viral load.

Huang working in lab                    Huang by poster

Lori Mendelsohn (Biology major, 2013)
Project Title: Investigation of the role of p27 as an oncogene in the cytoplasm
Lab Mentor: Jim Roberts,  Basic Sciences Division

The focus of my research this summer was p27, a protein whose  tumor suppressor function is essential to proper regulation of the cell cycle through inhibition of cyclin-dependent kinase activity.   However, other evidence suggest a role of p27 as an oncogene in HER2+ breast cancer cells.  My project focused on immunolocalization of p27 in HER2+ breast cancer cell lines during exposure to drugs targeting the HER2 protein.

Mendelsohn in lab                Mendelsohn by poster

On campus Summer Research Teams

Professor Marion Götz, Chemistry Dept
HHMI research fellows:  Zack Strater (Chemistry, 2012) and Fred Tomlin (Chemistry, 2013)
Project: Optimization of Novel Bimodal Proteasome Inhibitors

Professor Leena Knight, Biology Dept
HHMI research fellows:  Calvin Atkins (Biology, 2012) and Haley McLeod (Biology/Env Studies, 2013)
Project: Uncovering the role of insulin in the efficacy of the ketogenic diet

Professor Tim Parker, Biology Dept
HHMI research fellows:  Emma Oschrin(Biology, 2012) and Shelley Stephan (Biology, 2013)
Project: The complementary roles of moisture limitation and invasive species in causing the decline of an abundant native species

Professor Dalia Rokhsana, Chemistry Dept
HHMI research fellows:  Daniel Ellis (BBMB, 2013) and Gus Friedman (2014)
Project: Computational Modeling and Biomimetic Synthesis of the Active Site of Carbon Monoxide Dehydrogenase

Professor Dan Vernon, BBMB/Biology Dept
HHMI research fellows:  Kendra Klag (BBMB, 2012) and Geneva Scharff (Biology, 2012)
Project: Reducing Arabidopsis PIRL6 and PIRL9 gene expression by RNA interference