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During my senior year at Whitman, I counted myself among the most anxiety-ridden people on campus. I knew I wanted to work in the arts, but I wasn't sure what form that might take or how I would get there. As someone who feels most comfortable operating within predictable routines and systems, I had taken thoughtful steps toward my goal: each summer I did internships at arts organizations, and during the school year I worked in the Stevens Gallery.  Graduating scared me because I wasn't sure what came next.

After leaving Walla Walla, I moved back into my childhood home. The following summer was consumed by job applications and thoughts of those applications. On more than one occasion, I found myself staring at my computer screen completely paralyzed by the weight of all the jobs I didn't feel qualified to do. To cope, I told myself that on September 1st I would start looking for something else to occupy my time, even if it meant temporarily abandoning my search for an art-related job. I was offered my current position on August 31st. I am now working as the Education Assistant at the Museum of Northwest Art in La Conner, Washington. Since starting about a month ago, my responsibilities have included coordinating school programs and training to lead tours and teach studio art lessons. I am looking forward to future opportunities to develop and participate in community outreach and adult education programs.  This is a position that I am in no hurry to leave. I am a valued member of the museum team, and my coworkers seem willing to make space for me to grow and learn. I feel incredibly lucky to have found that.   Life after AHVCS is harder to predict. I don't really know where I will be or what I will be doing ten, five or even one year from now. What I do know is, right now, I am happy and secure. I am challenging myself to just be present in this moment.