Taught By Associate Professor Nico Parmley


Accuracy, confidentiality, impartiality, respect, cultural awareness, role boundaries, professionalism, professional development and advocacy are the core standards of practice for interpreting in health care. What are some of the unique challenges a viral outbreak or pandemic like COVID-19 might present to the faithful adherence to these standards? What is the role of the interpreter? Which of these standards become increasingly relevant/irrelevant during an outbreak? This talk will explore challenges the medical interpreter might confront during a pandemic crisis, in order for them to prepare and perform their craft with the highest integrity and adherence to ethical standards. Talk in English and Spanish.


Nico Parmley
Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies

Nico Parmley is a scholar of Hispanic poetry, medieval and early modern Iberian literatures and cultures (Arabic, Hebrew, Castilian and Portuguese), and medieval Islamic philosophy. He teaches courses on the Spanish language, the development of Spanish poetry from the Middle Ages to the present, the Baroque problem of thought and Spanish for the professions.

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