Taught By Professor Albert Schueller


The COVID-19 data maintained and published daily by the New York Times is used to show how challenging it is to predict the trajectory of the coronavirus outbreak in the United States. Assuming an exponential growth model and using the fitted model for the projections of deaths are fraught ways of making predictions. This lecture will use free computational tools like Python and free-to-use visualization tools from Plotly and Mapbox to perform analysis. We will also discuss how you can access these tools on your own and perform your own analyses of all kinds of data sets.


Albert Schueller
Mina Schwabacher Professor of Mathematics

Albert Schueller has taught in the department of mathematics and statistics since 1996. At times, he also teaches computer science. His current area of research is non-Euclidean centroids and centroidal Voronoi tessellations. He is teaching a course in data analysis and visualization during the Spring 2020 term.

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COVID-19: A Liberal Arts Approach to the Study of a Global Pandemic was created in the spring of 2020 as a special one-credit course for Whitman College’s most newly admitted students, offering them an opportunity to get to know our distinguished faculty and to study a significant event in human history.