Taught By Professor Tarik Elseewi


Can you still connect with people in a meaningful way when you can’t be physically present? How does technology offer both benefits and challenges at a time when we are physically distant from people we care about? What parts of our usual relationship patterns do we lose, and what parts remain? Sociologists study human social behavior and the ways that technology shapes us, and is shaped by us, in our everyday lives. This talk will explore ways that our social “connectivity” has been impacted by the pandemic.


Tarik Elseewi
Assistant Professor of Film and Media Studies

Tarik Elseewi is a media and cultural studies scholar who focuses on globalization, Arabic media and political identity as well as the role of electronic media in culture and politics. At Whitman College, he teaches Middle East media, television studies and media theory.

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COVID-19: A Liberal Arts Approach to the Study of a Global Pandemic was created in the spring of 2020 as a special one-credit course for Whitman College’s most newly admitted students, offering them an opportunity to get to know our distinguished faculty and to study a significant event in human history.