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Science in the Schools

Snakes Alive Classroom ProgramOur Science in the Schools programs connect the resources that we have here at Whitman to the schools.  Our goal is to offer opportunities to students to explore science through in depth and exciting lessons.

Classroom Programs

  • Light and Color (Kindergarten: Colors)
  • Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream (First Grade: Solids and Liquids)
  • Snakes Alive (Fourth Grade: Habitats)
  • Clay Conundrum (Fourth Grade: Rocks and Minerals)

Family Science Night

Family Science Nights provide an opportunity for local schools to invite parents and children together for an evening of science and fun.  Whitman brings 6 awesome science activities to share with the families.  Activities include: making ice cream, building a tower, creating tie dye milk, making a fossil, investigating radial chromatography and exploring the properties of water.  We also bring exciting interactive science demonstrations from our physics, geology, biology, chemistry  and astronomy departments. 

Field Trips

If your class is looking for an extension of their learning, our science department might just have something to share.  We have many amazing resources that don't travel but that we are happy to share if you bring your students here for a scientific adventure.  Just contact us to discuss what type of adventure we can create.

Planetarium Programs

Our Planetarium is available for classroom groups on a limited basis.  We especially encourage the third grade teachers to bring their classes when they are studying their unit on the Solar System.

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