• Lydia McDermott

    Lydia McDermott

    Director of the Center fOr Writing and Speaking

    Olin Hall 185

    Lydia McDermott is the Director of the Center fOr Writing and Speaking, and an Assistant Professor of Composition in General Studies. Her PhD is in Rhetoric and Composition and her MA is in Creative Writing. She loves to write in practically any genre and especially loves helping others find a passion for writing. Aside from writing, she loves watching and playing soccer, hanging out with her three boys, and walking her dog, Sherlock Bones, around Ankeny Field. Previous to coming to Whitman College, she helped to found and direct the Graduate Writing and Research Center at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. Please feel free to drop by her office, around the corner from the COWS, or to email her to schedule an appointment. Visit her website for more information on her scholarship.

  • Grace Fritzke

    Grace Fritzke

    Assistant Director of the Center fOr Writing and Speaking

    Grace is a recently-graduated Religion major from Portland, Oregon. She worked in the COWS for three years as a student. Grace always appreciates how many new things she gets to learn about from other people's papers, both in terms of topics and writing styles. Besides making sure the COWS has enough snacks, she is available for recurring, weekly appointments with students. Send her an email to set up a time! Besides writing and tutoring, Grace enjoys dancing, cats, and watermelon.

Student Tutors

  • Yuli Buckley

    Writing Tutor

    Yuli Buckley is a sophomore from Bellingham, Washington majoring in Biomedical Engineering (BBMB/pre-engineering). In her free time, Yuli can be found tossing a disc on Ankeny, reading Agatha Christie mysteries, or hanging out with her adopted grandmother, Dorothy.

  • Sean Cummings

    Writing Tutor

  • Erick Franklund

    Writing Tutor

    Erick Franklund is a sophomore majoring in both Philosophy and German Studies. He calls the northwest mountains of Montana home. Erick is a former high school policy debater, and a current member of Whitman's Ethics Bowl team. His scholarship focuses predominately on modern and contemporary philosophy, but he also really likes Epicurus. When not in the COWS, he can usually be found drinking a cup of tea and/or arguing with someone. 

  • Becca Gainsburg

    Writing Tutor

    Becca Gainsburg is a second year philosophy major. She has previously tutored in Wa-Hi and a primary school in Tanzania. Originally from New York, she plans to spend the fall semester of her junior year in Italy.

  • Helena Platt

    Writing Tutor

    Helena Platt is a sophomore rhetoric studies major. She hails from the southern Oregon coast, really misses the ocean, and writes an average of 1.7 poems per year.

  • Esther Ra

    Writing Tutor

    Esther Ra is a sophomore and prospective English major from Seoul, South Korea. Esther has experience in creative writing, philosophy, and English literature. Other than squeezing the stress cow at COWS, Esther enjoys gazing at glass objects, oceans, pastel colors, and other beautiful things.

  • Kenya Schott

    Writing Tutor

    Kenya Schott is a sophomore economics major from Sun Valley, Idaho. In her free time, Kenya can be found running cross country, bonding with her sisters in Delta Gamma, or discussing stocks in WIC.

  • Izzy Sherwood-Reid

    Writing Tutor

  • Kate Swisher

    Writing Tutor

  • Natalie Thiel

    Writing Tutor

  • Megan Waldau

    Writing Tutor