Work satisfactorily completed at an accredited collegiate institution is accepted for transfer provided it is academic in nature and is generally applicable toward a liberal arts program of study. In general, professional or vocationally oriented courses are not accepted for transfer.

A record of all academic work undertaken in other collegiate institutions, including a record of correspondence and distance learning work and registration in summer sessions, must be presented to the Registrar by every student who has undertaken such work. Students who fail to provide such transcripts may be guilty of unethical conduct and may be subject to disciplinary action including suspension or dismissal from the college.

No credit will be granted for coursework, including extension and online courses, taken in another collegiate institution while the student is in residence at Whitman College unless permission to register for such courses is obtained in advance by the student from his or her adviser and from the Registrar. Nothing in this rule makes mandatory the granting of any credit by Whitman College.

Whitman College grants no academic credit for work experience or internships per se. See the Academic Credit for Internships section.

A total of 70 credits of advanced standing transferred from other accredited collegiate institutions is the maximum non-Whitman work creditable toward a bachelor’s degree. This includes credit allowed on the basis of scores earned on the Advanced Placement Test of the College Board, higher-level courses for the International Baccalaureate, Running Start courses, or certain military service. Credit earned exclusively from two-year colleges is limited to 62 semester credits applicable toward a bachelor’s degree.

No transfer credit is applied toward a Whitman degree unless it is of average (C- or 1.7 on a numerical grade scale) or better quality. Credit may be awarded for transfer work graded as Pass/Fail, but only if the original institution's minimum "pass" grade is equivalent to a C- or better. However, Off-Campus Studies courses (courses taken outside the United States and on US-based Partner Programs) must be taken for a letter grade or its numeric equivalent. Transfer credit will not be awarded for Off-Campus Studies courses graded as Pass/Fail.

Grades awarded by other institutions are not made a part of the student's Whitman record, except for grades awarded through Off-Campus Studies Partner Programs, which appear on the Whitman transcript, but are not calculated into the grade point average.

Students who have participated in one or more Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate courses must arrange to have their scores or transcripts sent directly to Whitman College by the institution awarding credit. These courses may be applied toward the 124-credit degree requirement and certain majors and minors, but may not be used to satisfy Distribution Requirements.

The amount of credit allowed from various extramural sources is restricted as follows:

Credit Earned Through Exams

The college’s standard policy for College Board Advanced Placement (AP) Exams is to award a maximum of eight degree credits for each subject test on which a score of 4 or 5 is earned (see specific departmental requirements). Similarly, for International Baccalaureate (IB) exams a maximum of eight degree credits will be awarded for each program examination on which a score of 5 or higher is earned. There are several exceptions to this standard policy, and they are noted below.

Credit awarded under this policy may be applied toward the 124-credit degree requirement, but may not be used to satisfy Distribution Requirements. A maximum of one year’s credit (30 semester hours) may be accepted as general degree credit. AP and IB credit will not be granted if the equivalent course is completed at Whitman College.

Credit may be awarded for select General Certificate of Education (GCE) Advanced Level examinations (British A-Levels), pending review of each exam syllabus. Students interested in pursuing such credit should contact the Registrar's Office.

Whitman College does not accept or award credits for the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) general or subject examinations. Such credits awarded by other institutions will not be accepted for transfer. The college also does not accept transfer credit awarded on the basis of placement or challenge examinations at other institutions.

College Board Advanced Placement

A score of 5 is required for certain exams, as noted below. For the Physics C: Mechanics test a score of 5 is required along with successful completion of Physics 135. Also, AP credit does not cover chemistry laboratory courses. Students must have completed and passed Chemistry 135, or an equivalent college chemistry course, in order to enroll in Chemistry 136.

AP Examination Credit Whitman Equivalent
Art 3 Elective
Art History 3 Elective
Biology (score of 5) 4 Biology 111
Chemistry 3 Chemistry 125
Computer Science (A) 3 Computer Science 167
Economics (score of 5)    
     Microeconomics 4 Economics 101
     Macroeconomics 4 Economics 102
English (score of 5)    
     Language and Composition 4 Composition 170
     Literature and Composition 4 Elective
Environmental Science    
     score of 4 3 Elective
     score of 5 4 Elective
French Language    
     score of 4 4 French 150
     score of 5 8 French 150, 200
French Literature 4 Elective
German Language 4 German 205
Government and Politics    
     American 4 Elective
     Comparative 4 Elective
History (score of 5)    
     American/U.S. 8 History 105, 106
     European 4 History 183
     World 4 Elective
Latin 4 Latin 106
     Calculus AB, or AB subscore of
          Calculus BC
3 Mathematics 125
     Calculus BC 6 Mathematics 125, 126
     Statistics 3 Mathematics 128
Music Theory (score of 5) 3 Music 101
Physics C: Mechanics (score of 5) 3 Physics 155*
Psychology 4 Psychology 110
Spanish Language (score of 5) 8 Spanish 205, 206
Spanish Literature 4 Elective
 *Credit for Physics 155 is awarded after successful completion of Physics 135.

International Baccalaureate

Whitman recognizes the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme. Credit may be given for scores of 5, 6, or 7 in selected higher-level IB examinations. A maximum of one year’s credit (30 semester hours) may be accepted as general degree credit.

International Baccalaureate examinations currently accepted at Whitman, along with amount of credit and the appropriate equivalent courses, appear below (must receive scores of 5 or higher, maximum of eight credits). IB credit will not be granted if the equivalent course is completed at Whitman College.

IB Examination Credit Whitman Equivalent
Art/Design 4 Elective
Biology 8 Biology 111, 112
Chemistry 3 Chemistry 125
Chinese Literature 8 Elective
Ecology 8 Elective
Economics (minimum score of 6) 8 Economics 101, 102
English A1 or A2 8 Composition 170, 4 credits elective
French B 8 French 150, 200
German B 8 German 205, 206
Hindi B 4 Elective
History Americas 8 History 105, 106
History Asian 4 Elective
History Europe 4 History 183
Literature 4 Elective
Mathematics 3 Elective
Music 8 Elective
Physics 8 Physics 155, 156
Psychology 4 Psychology 110
Spanish A1 or B 8 Spanish 205, 206
Visual Arts 4 Elective

Running Start Courses

Whitman will review credit earned through the Running Start Program and similar dual enrollment programs on a course-by-course basis. Coursework is eligible for credit only if the class(es) are taught on the college campus by college faculty, and no more than one-third of the participants consists of high school students. Credits awarded will be for classes at a commensurate level and in subject matter relevant to the Whitman College liberal arts curriculum. See the Financial Aid, Running Start and Similar Programs section for more information.

College Courses Offered in the High School

Whitman does not award credit for coursework completed in a high school classroom and appearing on a transcript from a college or university.

Two-Year Colleges

A maximum of 62 semester hours of credit may be transferred from accredited two-year colleges. Whitman will accept credit on a course-by-course basis from the Associate of Arts or Sciences degree programs.

Continuing Education and Online Courses

Not more than 10 credits of extension and/or online work may be credited toward a bachelor’s degree, and such work must be completed in institutions that hold membership in the University Professional & Continuing Education Association.

Off-Campus Studies Credit

No more than 38 semester credits (19 for one semester) from study abroad programs, including the Partner Programs of the college, may be applied toward degree requirements. Off-Campus Study credit does not count toward the Whitman College residency requirement. Application of credit toward major requirements is subject to the general college limitation and to any specific departmental policy with respect to off-campus programs and transfer credit. Students who wish to receive Whitman credit for any study abroad course must receive prior approval from Off-Campus Studies at Whitman by submitting the Whitman Off-Campus Studies Application by the appropriate deadline. Credit earned during the regular school year on an off-campus program that is not a Partner Program of the college will not be accepted for transfer toward the Whitman degree.

Non-partner Summer study programs, however, may be approved by the Off-Campus Studies Committee for transfer but only if prior approval has been granted by the Off-Campus Studies Committee. To request summer study abroad transfer credit approval, students must submit the Summer Study Abroad Transfer Credit Application to Off-Campus Studies at least three weeks prior to their program's application deadline.

Military Service

Credit for programs completed during military service may be allowed as recommended in A Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experience in the Armed Services, provided that satisfactory military training and discharge credentials (DD214) are submitted. The work involved must be appropriate to a liberal arts degree program. A maximum of four credits may be awarded as sport studies, recreation and athletics activities provided that the period of service was more than one year’s duration. All service-related credit granted applies only to the 124-credit requirement for the degree and may not be used to satisfy the Distribution Requirement or major requirements. If credit for basic military training has been granted to satisfy high school requirements, it may not be counted as college credit.

Combined Programs

For students who are admitted to the combined study plan programs in engineering, forestry and environmental management, law, foreign language, oceanography, and international studies, the transfer credit provisions of the college are modified to fit the patterns of the combined plans. When the student completes residence in the combined plan school, Whitman College allows the transfer credit which is necessary in the pattern of the combined plans to meet the degree requirements of 124 credits.