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Academic Theme 2022

Climate Justice, Climate Action

Logo featuring the scale of justice held in an upraised fistThe 2022–2023 academic theme of “Climate Justice, Climate Action” is a continuation and extension of the 2021–2022 theme, “Climate Reckonings, Climate Justice.” By continuing to use Climate as an organizing concept, we expect faculty who integrated climate into their classes can reuse those resources and lessons learned in courses this coming academic year. We also hope that other faculty who discovered connections with the theme can now use this opportunity to associate some portion of their courses to the revised theme.

By highlighting “Action,” we are explicitly inviting the Whitman community to focus on ways in which we can make an impact on climate issues internally and locally. A major focus this year will be a speaker series organized by student leaders that will forefront local and national change-makers on the issue of climate. In addition, we seek to partner with local leaders and institutions, to engage the community in meaningful conversations on issues impacting our region. Our aim is to not only acquire a broader understanding of issues, but to offer opportunities for the Whitman community to take part in solutions. 

Exploring Climate Justice in Whitman Classes

Past Events

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