Parent's Handbook

As we welcome your son or daughter to Whitman, we also want to welcome you to the Whitman family. Like many institutions, we generate our fair share of literature. Most of it is directed to students and contains important information like Whitman’s academic calendar, orientation dates, college requirements, campus activities, and special events. Many parents see this material, but few are able to capture the details before the handbooks are packed for Walla Walla.

This handbook is designed especially for you as a parent of a new Whitman student. It contains information that you will find handy for reference and phone numbers to call in case questions arise. Please keep this information close at hand and refer to it as necessary throughout your student’s time at Whitman.

Parents' Web Portal

  • Parent Information

    A welcome letter to Whitman parents from the Dean of Students

  • Guiding Principles

    Whitman's principles regarding diversity, nondiscrimination, and environmental sustainability

  • Student Affairs

    The primary components of the philosophy of Student Affairs include providing excellent services for students, encouraging community development, involving students in life beyond the classroom, and providing leadership opportunities, all in an environment characterized by challenge and support.

  • Campus Activities

    Rather than complain about a lack of choices, more often we hear Whitman students talking about having to choose from a number of attractive options on any given day.

  • Academic Information

    In addition to assistance from an academic adviser, Whitman provides a variety of support services to assist students in their academic endeavors.

  • Graduation Requirements

    The information in the following page is intended to provide a general review.

  • Ways to Support Whitman

    Parents are encouraged to attend special events throughout the year, such as Parent Orientation, Family Weekend, and regional programs. Parents who desire a deeper level of involvement are encouraged to become a Parent Admission Representative (PAR).

  • Directions

    Information about how to get to Whitman and where to stay and eat in Walla Walla.

  • Contacting Students in an Emergency

    If you have an emergency and need to contact your daughter or son when she or he is in class, you may call the Dean of Students Office at (509) 527-5158. For offices not listed, call the college’s general information number at (509) 527-5111.